The customer attraction value of your website may slip—if you don’t watch out!
Get a website critique now—even if you think your site is the best!

Does that sound foolish? With a website critique, you might learn, at a little cost, a lesson many website owners are finding out the hard way: that the customer attraction value of your website is a living thing, likely to shrivel without the care and sustenance it needs.

Nothing makes the hard facts about a website’s value clearer than getting potential customers to turn into fee-paying clients. To make that leap, website visitors must see the relevance of your message to their need.

Why do I get so few sales or leads from my website?

Here are some facts to consider. Seven out of ten websites need some repair right now just to stop customers from moving on. A recent study, for example, showed that one out of every five websites needs simpler navigation; and one in every three needs more comprehensive content that is better suited to website visitors' needs.

Why haven’t these website owners done something? Is maintaining the value of their websites too difficult, or too expensive? The only reasonable answer is that many of them must think so. If they do, they’re wrong.

HowsMySite's website appraisal service will tell you what's wrong

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